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When horses photobomb your picture.

by | 21 January 2017

15 amazingly funny pictures of when horses photobomb that special moment.        

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Man Accused of Punching Police Horse after Homophobic Rant

by | 18 February 2017

A man has been charged with punching a police horse in a town centre.  Gary Dornan, 33, is accused of punching the horse while in Scotland last Wednesday afternoon. Dornan, from the Scottish town of

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‘Horse guru’ convicted of animal cruelty

by | 17 February 2017

A self proclaimed “horse whisperer” and trainer has been convicted of animal cruelty. Jonathan Hurst was found guilty of two counts of causing ¬†suffering to a pony at a yard in Hampshire, UK. The pony

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Video: Bizarre moment man took his horse shopping inside the store

by | 15 February 2017

Rick Erasmus rode his new horse “Warrior” inside a store in Jeffreys Bay in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Stunned shoppers looked on in disbelief as the horse strolled through the store as the man attempted

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Neglected stallion struggled to walk due to ‘vast amount’ of hair

by | 11 February 2017

A UK animal sanctuary is appealing for help after two neglected horses were found abandoned by the roadside. Isleham Horse and Pony Rescue, between Ely and Newmarket, found the black and white cobs dumped by

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Showjumper attacks and tramples retired policewoman with her horse to prevent her from filming

by | 2 February 2017

A showjumper trampled an ex-policewoman with her horse, dragging her by the hair after accusing her victim of filming her as she was eliminated from a competition. Jill Williams, 50, passed out in front of

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