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Man Accused of Punching Police Horse after Homophobic Rant

by | 18 February 2017

A man has been charged with punching a police horse in a town centre.  Gary Dornan, 33, is accused of punching the horse while in Scotland last Wednesday afternoon. Dornan, from the Scottish town of

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Eight hour mission to rescue horse

by | 18 June 2016

A 23-year-old horse was found by her owner Anita Van Namen in a hole four metres off a hill at 8am on Wednesday and was unable to climb out. Ms Van Namen rushed home to

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Equestrian workers drugged ex-racehorses to appear docile so they could sell them to children

by | 17 June 2016

Three people have been found guilty of a scam involving selling sick and dangerous horses to unsuspecting buyers to make them appear docile and suitable for children. Kent-based horse dealers Aniela Jurecka and Charlotte Johnson,

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Horse missing for three days rescued from manhole in Johannesburg

by | 13 May 2016

A horse was rescued from a drain inspection hole in Tembsia after it had been missing for three days, paramedics said on Wednesday. The owner contacted local authorities and an Urban Search and Rescue Team

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Horse rescued after 3 days in drain

by | 12 May 2016

An eight-year-old thoroughbred gelding stuck in a narrow drainage ditch has been freed in a major operation which required a huge quantity of soil to be delicately removed. Digger operator Scott Stratton worked for four

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