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Equine Earphones Could Help Horses Relax

by | 5 March 2017

Scientists have designed a new set of high-tech headphones – that allow horses to listen to music as they trot. But the development does have a serious purpose, as the headphones both improve the animal’s

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Video: Bizarre moment man took his horse shopping inside the store

by | 15 February 2017

Rick Erasmus rode his new horse “Warrior” inside a store in Jeffreys Bay in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Stunned shoppers looked on in disbelief as the horse strolled through the store as the man attempted

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New equestrian fitness regime which involves a £50,000 mechanical horse

by | 14 April 2016

London has a new elite fitness service that it involves a £50,000 mechanical horse — it’s called Equicise. The equestrian related exercise and fitness services not only incorporate some of the latest technology but are also unique and created

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How to Claim HUGE Discounts on Equestrian Shopping

by | 12 April 2016

Over the past few weeks we have been searching for something special for our readers. After some digging we have managed to get some great offers from our friends at HorseLoverZ.com HorseLoverZ.com is the worlds

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