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Horse rescued from freezing river in Idaho County

by | 11 January 2017
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A horse facing death by hypothermia was rescued from a freezing river in Idaho County Tuesday morning.

The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office says they received reports from concerned residents who saw the horse in a river near Stites. Deputies Sam Augello and Lt. Doug Ulmer responded to the area.

The deputies say they found the horse near 3 Mile Creek, who was unable to get out of the river on its own.

They were both unsure of how long the horse was in the river, but it was clear that it needed rescuing before “it succumbed to hypothermia.”

The sheriff’s office named citizens who helped with the rescue: Bryan and Gary Hays from White Water Construction; Tony Williams and Nate Dreyer from AWS Construction; and Terry and Sawyer Stanford.

The horse seems to be doing OK, with minor injuries to its legs. The owner has been contacted, and deputies say they will care for its injuries.
“Idaho County citizens are the best, they are willing to help regardless whether it is man or beast that is in trouble,” said Sheriff Giddings.