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Neglected stallion struggled to walk due to ‘vast amount’ of hair

by | 11 February 2017

A UK animal sanctuary is appealing for help after two neglected horses were found abandoned by the roadside.

Isleham Horse and Pony Rescue, between Ely and Newmarket, found the black and white cobs dumped by the entrance of the centre around two weeks ago.

After treating them with emergency care the rescue centre now needs around £1,000 help to pay for the costs of keeping the stallion and baby colt, that have been named Ken and Bruce.

Appealing for help, a spokeswoman said it took three people to encourage them to safety with only torches to guide the way.

“Ken was carrying a vast amount of weight in the way of matted hair and mud, both around his feet and tail,” said a sanctuary spokesperson.

“His tail was so long he walked on it with every step he took, with blood on his muzzle and hooves that clearly have never been near a farrier as they have grown under and require a huge amount of work.”

“Bruce was severely malnourished not even knowing what horse food was, he was so weak he wobbled when he walked. Both were unloved and scared of all human contact.”

Run by Wendy Davis for more than 30 years, the centre has helped more than 80 horses and relies on charity donations to make its work possible.

“The sanctuary is self-funded and I have quite a few horses anyway and when they get abandoned like this and it is just very costly to get them sorted out, so they can have a nice long healthy life,” said Wendy.

Both horses have been wormed, treated for lice and had their hoofs treated by the centre’s farrier, with vets fearing for the life of the baby colt because he was so weak.

They have also had haircuts to cut away the muddy lengths of matted tail and fetlock hair.

Both horses are now eating well and are starting to show an interest in being fed by hand rather than the bowl. Rescuers say Ken even likes a Polo mint or two, something he was not sure about in the beginning.