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Meet the yoga guru who performs body-bending poses on her horse

by | 15 April 2016

A devoted yogi has combined her passion for yoga and horses by practicing her complicated stretches and poses while balanced on the back of her beloved Appaloosa. Angela Nunez, a 27-year-old yoga teacher from Middleburg,

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Meet Big Jake, The World’s Tallest Horse

by | 23 December 2016

Horses are generally huge animals, but a Belgian Gelding named Big Jake is officially the tallest of them all. The 15-year-old Guinness World Records titleholder measures just under 6 feet 11 inches and weighs around

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Dog spotted riding a horse along country lane in UK

by | 9 December 2016

The age old horse and hound friendship bond is well known to us all. However there seems to be an instance of that friendship that is being taken to another level. In a bizarre snapshot,

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Woman who rode emaciated horse at equestrian event sentenced at court

by | 8 December 2016

Charlotte McPherson aged 22, of Park Lane, Kidderminster, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today to be sentenced for two offences. She was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a horse by failing to investigate and

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Virus runs wild at quarantined Los Angeles Equestrian Center

by | 30 November 2016

The Los Angeles Equestrian Center in Burbank has been put under quarantine after several horses tested positive for equine herpesvirus, which resulted in one horse being euthanized because of the illness, it was reported Monday.

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Swear word sprayed on horse by UK vandals

by | 29 November 2016

Vandals sprayed offensive language on the side of a horse during a raid at its stables. Owner Mollie Marie Savage found equipment had been strewn around when she arrived at the stables on Canvey Island

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