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Meet the yoga guru who performs body-bending poses on her horse

by | 15 April 2016

A devoted yogi has combined her passion for yoga and horses by practicing her complicated stretches and poses while balanced on the back of her beloved Appaloosa. Angela Nunez, a 27-year-old yoga teacher from Middleburg,

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Swear word sprayed on horse by UK vandals

by | 29 November 2016

Vandals sprayed offensive language on the side of a horse during a raid at its stables. Owner Mollie Marie Savage found equipment had been strewn around when she arrived at the stables on Canvey Island

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Man Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges After Riding Horse 700 miles after divorce

by | 28 November 2016

A man was arrested on animal cruelty charges in Miami on Wednesday after riding his horse nearly 700 miles from his home in South Carolina to Key West, police said. Christopher Emerson, 36, was arrested

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Decade long ban for UK man who allowed horses to get into ‘horrendous state’

by | 27 November 2016

A MAN has been banned from keeping horses after he allowed two of the animals to get into a “horrendous” state. Philip Jones from Wales UK, has been disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years

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Rider gets stuck on horse for one and-a-half hours and needs team of 20 to get her off

by | 24 November 2016

Twenty people took part in a bizarre 90-minute emergency operation to rescue a young woman after she got stuck on a horse . Police officers, ambulance crews and the fire service helped to lift Hannah

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VIDEO: Tourist is thrown off his horse and lands face-to-face with a LIONESS during Botswana safari

by | 18 November 2016

A horrifying video shows the moment a tourist found himself looking straight into the face of a lioness after falling off his horse on safari. He had been part of a group riding in Botswana

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