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Showjumper attacks and tramples retired policewoman with her horse to prevent her from filming

by | 2 February 2017
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A showjumper trampled an ex-policewoman with her horse, dragging her by the hair after accusing her victim of filming her as she was eliminated from a competition.

Jill Williams, 50, passed out in front of her distraught 10-year-old daughter as she was attacked by competitor Amy Ridler, 20, at a showjumping arena.

Spectators ran into the ring and stopped the assault by pulling Ridler off her horse.

Mrs Williams was heavily bruised by the attack but miraculously escaped any major injuries.

Ridler, from Solihull, West Midlands, UK pleaded guilty to assault earlier this month.

Mrs Williams, of Lincoln, UK, said she was using her mobile phone to text her dog-walker as she watched Ridler’s performance in April last year.

Ridler accused victim Jill Williams of filming her with a mobile phone

But Ridler accused the retired policewoman of filming her before charging her horse, picking her up by the hair and dragging her along the ground at Arena UK, Grantham.

Mrs Williams said: “I’d forgotten to cancel my dog walker that day, so I was trying to text him while watching Amy show jump.

“The sun was in my eyes and I couldn’t see so I was waving my phone all over the place.

“I saw the horse refuse the first fence and she gave it a smack, then at the first fence, it stopped again and she was eliminated.

“She saw me standing there with my phone and thought I was filming her, and went mad.

“She was shouting at her mum, who was nearby, to ‘get that f***ing phone off her’; she was shouting and swearing and saying she was going to run me down as she rode her horse at me.”

Mrs Williams said Ridler came out of the ring on her horse and “went berserk”, swearing at her and demanding she hand over her phone.

She added: “This must have gone on for about five minutes and then she started kicking her horse like mad and saying she was going to ride over me.”

Terrified, Mrs Williams claimed Ridler raised her whip at her and she jumped over the barrier to get away.

Ridler then cantered around the ring to catch up with Mrs Williams before pushing her into the railing.

Mrs Williams said: “I kept really calm but then she pushed me into the railing. I was squashed against it and I raised my arm to try and push the horse off me.

“Next thing I know, I felt this incredible pain on my head and she clawed my head and picked me up. I’m 12 stone and six foot tall so I’m not an easy person to pick up.

“She then dragged me along the floor under the pony and I was trampled on.”

She added: “She then turned her pony round and started kicking it trying to get it to run over me.

“She was dragged off the horse and the police were called.”

Mrs Williams, who was at the show with her daughter, who was competing in a different class, blacked out before spectators pulled Ridler off her horse.

She was determined to stay at the show to watch her daughter compete the following day although admits she was ‘terrified’ Ridler would come back.

She said: “I checked our horse three times during the night just in case anything was going to happen to him.

“I took loads of painkillers but I was just terrified.”

Ridler was sentenced at Lincoln Magistrates Court on 4 January after pleading guilty to assault by beating.

She was fined £250, ordered to pay £300 compensation and given a restraining order.
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