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Police horse Redland retires after 13 years of service

by | 28 October 2016

A long-serving police horse has been retired from service after more than 13 years of duty. Redland, an Irish Draught cross, has been deployed at football matches, demonstrations, the Olympics and a royal wedding during

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America’s Largest Ranch Sold!! PRICE TAG $725 MILLION

by | 28 March 2016

Waggoner Ranch has been approved by a Texas court for sale to Stan Kroenke. The official asking price for America’s largest ranch at 510,000 acres was $725 million; terms of the deal with sports mogul

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Fire Destroys Equestrian Resort in Villa Rica, Georgia

by | 24 March 2016

A fire earlier this March claimed most possessions and the lives of two family pets, at the Pure Horse Play Equestrian Center and Resort in Villa Rica but Michelle Phillips and her three daughters are determined to “rise

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Oprah Winfrey’s Plan for $29 Million Equestrian Farm

by | 19 March 2016

Oprah Winfrey has paid  $29 million for an equestrian estate on the California coast. The 23-acre farm in Montecito, Santa Barbara, comes complete with all the facilities you’d expect of a deluxe equestrian ranch from

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