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Police horse Redland retires after 13 years of service

by | 28 October 2016

A long-serving police horse has been retired from service after more than 13 years of duty. Redland, an Irish Draught cross, has been deployed at football matches, demonstrations, the Olympics and a royal wedding during

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96-year-old Canadian woman is riding and has no plans to stop

by | 26 October 2016

Dinnie Greenway loves riding horses, and she’s not letting a little thing like age stop her. The 96-year-old says horseback riding is an addiction that has kept her going her whole life. Greenway figures she

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Your Horse and Pollen Problems

by | 22 April 2016

During spring and summer, many people suffer from awful hay fever – making their eyes itch, noses run, and generally feel run down. These symptoms are caused by an allergy to pollen, and just like

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Essential Horse Grooming Techniques

by | 20 April 2016

Horse grooming is a very important aspect of horse care. Not all horses are groomed the same. Wild horses survive just fine without any grooming; domestic horses, on the other hand, are expected to be

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Horse rescued from mud in Massachusetts sadly euthanized due to hypothermia.

by | 16 April 2016

Westport Animal Control have reported that a horse stuck in the mud for hours Thursday night at the Morton Farm was put down Friday morning. A veterinarian said the 17-year-old horse was euthanized because of

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