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Video: Bizarre moment man took his horse shopping inside the store

by | 15 February 2017

Rick Erasmus rode his new horse “Warrior” inside a store in Jeffreys Bay in Eastern Cape, South Africa. Stunned shoppers looked on in disbelief as the horse strolled through the store as the man attempted

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Emaciated and injured animals at horse sanctuary in Cornwall UK

by | 28 October 2016

A horse sanctuary owner left animals emaciated and with untreated injuries. Roberta Cleere, 39, became “overwhelmed” when she ran the Second Chance Horse Rescue Centre from her home in St Day, Cornwall. She was found

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96-year-old Canadian woman is riding and has no plans to stop

by | 26 October 2016

Dinnie Greenway loves riding horses, and she’s not letting a little thing like age stop her. The 96-year-old says horseback riding is an addiction that has kept her going her whole life. Greenway figures she

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Equine insurance: choosing the right policy for you and your horse

by | 31 March 2016

When deciding which horse insurance to take out it is not an easy decision to make. With all the different packages and bands of equine insurance to pick from, insuring your horse can sometimes be

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