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Woman who rode emaciated horse at equestrian event sentenced at court

by | 8 December 2016

Charlotte McPherson aged 22, of Park Lane, Kidderminster, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today to be sentenced for two offences. She was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a horse by failing to investigate and

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Decade long ban for UK man who allowed horses to get into ‘horrendous state’

by | 27 November 2016

A MAN has been banned from keeping horses after he allowed two of the animals to get into a “horrendous” state. Philip Jones from Wales UK, has been disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years

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Texas horse shelter finds mother and baby with toxins in their bodies

by | 24 August 2016

An East Texas sheriff’s department recently called out a horse rescue shelter to an area where its workers found two horses on the brink of death living in unlivable conditions. Safe Haven Equine Rescue received

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Amado horse rescue wins big grant

by | 1 July 2016

Last Wednesday was shaping up to be noteworthy enough already at Equine Voices, with its founder celebrating a birthday and the arrival of a new colt. Then came the real bombshell. Karen Pomroy, founder and

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Horse charity forced to close after police raid

by | 25 June 2016

A horse charity has been forced to close its doors and leave sick animals to die after it was raided by police amid allegations from an online activist group that say it misused funds. Jennifer

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