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Dumped horses prompt call for stricter enforcement

by | 27 January 2017

A spate of horse dumpings are just the “tip of the iceberg” and the laws to stop them are not being enforced, a charity has claimed. Janice Dixon, a vet from Help for Horses, said

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Horse rescued from freezing river in Idaho County

by | 11 January 2017

A horse facing death by hypothermia was rescued from a freezing river in Idaho County Tuesday morning. The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office says they received reports from concerned residents who saw the horse in a

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Woman who rode emaciated horse at equestrian event sentenced at court

by | 8 December 2016

Charlotte McPherson aged 22, of Park Lane, Kidderminster, appeared at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court today to be sentenced for two offences. She was charged with causing unnecessary suffering to a horse by failing to investigate and

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Decade long ban for UK man who allowed horses to get into ‘horrendous state’

by | 27 November 2016

A MAN has been banned from keeping horses after he allowed two of the animals to get into a “horrendous” state. Philip Jones from Wales UK, has been disqualified from keeping animals for 10 years

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Abused horse ‘Rio’ recovers and finds a new home

by | 15 November 2016

His name is Rio, and he is a sassy little steed, according to his new owner. Rio has gained more than 150 pounds in the past year and now weighs in at 353 pounds —

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