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Teenager repeatedly assaults pony with a whip ‘for a laugh’

by | 4 March 2017

A teenage girl who whipped a pony was caught when video of her attack was put on Facebook.

Chloe Morgan, 18, was seen hitting the dappled grey pony with a whip on the video made ‘for a laugh’.

A court heard the shocking clip went viral – and RSPCA officers were called in after more than 20,000 complaints were made about the assault on the four-year-old cob Emry.

The pony has now been given to the RSPCA for rehoming.

The 34-second video, played in court, showed Morgan being thrown off the horse – and then using the whip to try to control Emry.

RSPCA prosectur Nick Devonald said: ‘The video on Facebook caused outrage when it was posted and had two million views.

‘Vets who saw the video said the pony was unable to escape because it was tied up.

‘Morgan whipped the pony in temper and anger. The animal was terrified and frightened throughout the video.

‘The vets who saw it said that Morgan had used excessive brutality against the horse which was fearful and distressed throughout the ordeal.’

Death threats were made against care worker Morgan after the video went viral.

Morgan claimed she had sat on the horse for ten minutes before it was spooked and she was forced to hit ‘one or twice’, but Mr Devonald told the court her actions were ‘over the top’ and cruel.

The disturbing clip also shows family friend Paul Williams – whose wife Joanne owned Emry – kicking the pony, which could not escaped because it was tethered.

Magistrates in Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, heard the pony was kept at rented stables at Glyngwernen Farm, near Llanelli.

The pony has now been given to the RSPCA for rehoming.