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VIDEO: Tourist is thrown off his horse and lands face-to-face with a LIONESS during Botswana safari

by | 18 November 2016

A horrifying video shows the moment a tourist found himself looking straight into the face of a lioness after falling off his horse on safari.

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He had been part of a group riding in Botswana when he plummeted from his steed.

His group had been instructed to bolt after a guide spotted a male lion emerge from behind a mound, and his companions were oblivious to the peril he was in.

The footage comes from two GoPro cameras, and was posted online by the man’s wife.

The tourist, named Eli, fell to the ground in front of a lioness, who was chasing the group, after his horse was spooked.

But incredibly, the camera on his helmet shows how he was able to run to safety, with the camera capturing his frantic dash.